Film-Noir Movies

Sunset Blvd.
1950, Drama, Film-Noir Sunset Blvd.
Witness for the Prosecution
1957, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir Witness for the Prosecution
Double Indemnity
1944, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir Double Indemnity
The Third Man
1949, Mystery, Thriller, Film-Noir The Third Man
The Maltese Falcon
1941, Mystery, Film-Noir The Maltese Falcon
Strangers on a Train
1951, Crime, Thriller, Film-Noir Strangers on a Train
Touch of Evil
1958, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir Touch of Evil
The Night of the Hunter
1955, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir The Night of the Hunter
The Killing
1956, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir The Killing
1946, Romance, Drama, Film-Noir Notorious
The Big Sleep
1946, Crime, Mystery, Film-Noir The Big Sleep
1944, Drama, Mystery, Film-Noir Laura
Ace in the Hole
1951, Drama, Film-Noir Ace in the Hole
Sweet Smell of Success
1957, Drama, Film-Noir Sweet Smell of Success
Out of the Past
1947, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir Out of the Past
The Lady Vanishes
1938, Mystery, Thriller, Film-Noir The Lady Vanishes
The Lost Weekend
1945, Drama, Film-Noir The Lost Weekend
To Have and Have Not
1944, Comedy, Adventure, Film-Noir To Have and Have Not
In a Lonely Place
1950, Drama, Mystery, Film-Noir In a Lonely Place
The 39 Steps
1935, Mystery, Thriller, Film-Noir The 39 Steps
The Big Heat
1953, Crime, Thriller, Film-Noir The Big Heat
Mildred Pierce
1945, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir Mildred Pierce
The Asphalt Jungle
1950, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir The Asphalt Jungle
1945, Romance, Mystery, Film-Noir Spellbound
Angels with Dirty Faces
1938, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir Angels with Dirty Faces
1944, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir Gaslight
1946, Romance, Drama, Film-Noir Gilda
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
1932, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
The Killers
1946, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir The Killers
Stray Dog
1949, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir Stray Dog
The Lady from Shanghai
1947, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir The Lady from Shanghai
Night and the City
1950, Crime, Mystery, Film-Noir Night and the City
Scarlet Street
1945, Drama, Thriller, Film-Noir Scarlet Street
1936, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir Fury
Kiss Me Deadly
1955, Crime, Mystery, Film-Noir Kiss Me Deadly
Dark Passage
1947, Thriller, Film-Noir Dark Passage
The Woman in the Window
1944, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir The Woman in the Window
Pickup on South Street
1953, Crime, Thriller, Film-Noir Pickup on South Street
The Postman Always Rings Twice
1946, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir The Postman Always Rings Twice
The Wrong Man
1956, Drama, Film-Noir The Wrong Man
The Stranger
1946, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir The Stranger
Leave Her to Heaven
1945, Romance, Drama, Film-Noir Leave Her to Heaven
The Petrified Forest
1936, Romance, Drama, Film-Noir The Petrified Forest
The Set-Up
1949, Sport, Crime, Film-Noir The Set-Up
Murder, My Sweet
1944, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir Murder, My Sweet
The Naked City
1948, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir The Naked City
The Letter
1940, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir The Letter
Gun Crazy
1950, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir Gun Crazy
All the King's Men
1949, Drama, Film-Noir All the King's Men
Odd Man Out
1947, Drama, Crime, Film-Noir Odd Man Out

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