Western Movies

Django Unchained
2012, Drama, Western Django Unchained
1992, Drama, Western Unforgiven
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
1948, Drama, Western, Adventure The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Dances with Wolves
1990, Drama, Western, Adventure Dances with Wolves
A Fistful of Dollars
1964, Drama, Western A Fistful of Dollars
Hell on Wheels
2011, Drama, Western Hell on Wheels
2017, Drama, Western Godless
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
1962, Drama, Western The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
High Noon
1952, Drama, Western, Thriller High Noon
Lonesome Dove
1989, Drama, Western, Adventure Lonesome Dove
The Searchers
1956, Drama, Western, Adventure The Searchers
The Wild Bunch
1969, Action, Western, Adventure The Wild Bunch
Rio Bravo
1959, Action, Drama, Western Rio Bravo
Midnight Cowboy
1969, Drama, Western Midnight Cowboy
Blazing Saddles
1974, Comedy, Western Blazing Saddles
True Grit
2010, Drama, Western True Grit
The Magnificent Seven
1960, Action, Western, Adventure The Magnificent Seven
1939, Drama, Western, Adventure Stagecoach
Dead Man
1995, Drama, Fantasy, Western Dead Man
2018, Drama, Western Yellowstone
The Ox-Bow Incident
1942, Drama, Western The Ox-Bow Incident
Duck, You Sucker
1971, Drama, War, Western Duck, You Sucker
1963, Drama, Western Hud
1953, Drama, Western Shane
My Darling Clementine
1946, Drama, Biography, Western My Darling Clementine
1956, Drama, Western Giant
High Plains Drifter
1973, Drama, Western, Mystery High Plains Drifter
Of Mice and Men
1992, Drama, Western Of Mice and Men
The Big Country
1958, Romance, Western The Big Country
Jeremiah Johnson
1972, Drama, Western, Adventure Jeremiah Johnson
The Shootist
1976, Romance, Drama, Western The Shootist
McCabe & Mrs. Miller
1971, Drama, Western McCabe & Mrs. Miller
The Proposition
2005, Drama, Crime, Western The Proposition
El Dorado
1967, Romance, Drama, Western El Dorado
True Grit
1969, Drama, Western, Adventure True Grit
Winchester '73
1950, Action, Drama, Western Winchester '73
1924, Drama, Western, Thriller Greed
El Topo
1970, Drama, Western El Topo
Johnny Guitar
1954, Drama, Western Johnny Guitar
3:10 to Yuma
1957, Drama, Western, Thriller 3:10 to Yuma
My Name Is Nobody
1973, Comedy, Western My Name Is Nobody
Pale Rider
1985, Drama, Western Pale Rider
The Great Silence
1968, Western The Great Silence
Yahsi Bati
2009, Comedy, Western Yahsi Bati
They Call Me Trinity
1970, Comedy, Western They Call Me Trinity
Fort Apache
1948, Action, Western, Adventure Fort Apache

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